How to Wake Up Early

Introduction: How to Wake Up Early

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Some people struggle to wake up early. All you need to do is train your mind and body. Pretty soon you will consistently wake up early, raring to go. Here's a few simple steps...

Step 1: DON'T Force Yourself to Go to Bed Early

Forcing yourself to go to bed early is completely the wrong way to go about it. Most people try this, which is why most people fail.

You go to bed early and what happens? You lie there wide awake for hours "trying" to go to sleep. Unfortunately YOU CAN'T FORCE YOURSELF TO GO TO SLEEP. In fact, the harder you try,often the harder it is to sleep. A different tactic is required...

Step 2: Force Yourself to Wake Up Early

Set 10 alarm clocks and get your partner to drag you out of bed if you have to. Use every method you can to force yourself to wake up early. It doesn't matter if you've only had 4 hours sleep. In fact this is better, as I will explain later.

Step 3: Get Straight Out of Bed

As soon as you wake, get out of bed and get busy doing something to stimulate you. DON'T lie in bed thinking about getting up - GET OUT OF BED IMMEDIATELY.

It often helps to imagine your house is burning down. You wouldn't want to lounge around in bed then would you?!

Step 4: DON'T Go Back to Bed at Any Point of the Day

If you go back to bed for a lie down because you're tired, this will ruin the whole thing. Stay awake and stay busy all day. It won't kill you!

Step 5: Next Bed Time

Because you didn't get much sleep last night, you should find yourself tired earlier than normal. It might only be slightly earlier, this is fine.

Step 6: Next Morning

Again force yourself to wake up and get out of bed immediately. Make it the same time as yesterday morning. Again stay busy all day, and DON'T go for a lie down.

Step 7: Rinse and Repeat

That night you should find yourself getting tired a little earlier than the night before. Your sleep pattern is changing.

Keep repeating this cycle, and pretty soon you will train your mind and body. It will know that you wake up early no matter what, so will adjust the time it triggers you to sleep.

It varies from person to person, but you should find it way easier to get up earlier after a week of this. Good luck!

If you need some extra help reprogramming your subconscious mind to get you up earlier, click here to check out my Wake Up Early Hypnosis MP3

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