Introduction: How To: Wash and Dry Your Laundry.

Introduction: Having clean clothes is an important key to maintaining good hygiene. Re-wearing dirty clothes can lead to skin infections and bad odors from bacteria. Washing clothes is a simple task, but many people don’t learn until their parents aren’t around to do their laundry. Keeping your clothes clean will help you save money and prolong the life span of your clothes. Washing clothes can also be a great hobby or organizational tool for someone who likes to be neat.

Step 1: Round Up Your Needed Supplies.

Things you will need:

Washing machine,Dryer, Laundry detergent, Laundry baskets, and Dryer sheets.

Step 2: Gather Up All the Things You Wish to Wash.

Step 3: Sort Your Clothing

Separate your light clothes from the dark clothes. This is to avoid the dye from your colored clothes from running on the lighter clothing and ruining them.

Step 4: Place Clothes in Baskets to Keep Them Together and Properly Separated.

Check the pockets of all the clothes and empty them.

Step 5: Place the First Load of Clothes in the Washing Machine

Step 6: Fill Up Cup With Laundry Detergent

Some detergents come with cups and some are made with lids that can be used as cups.

Step 7: Pour the Detergent in the Machine

Pour in a circular motion to get on top of the clothes.

Step 8: Close & Start the Washing Machine

(Adjust machine settings if necessary).

Step 9: Open the Washing Machine Door

Take freshly washed clothes out. They should be a little damp and ready for drying.

Step 10: Open the Dryer Machine

Clean the filter (if needed).

Step 11: Place Damp Clothes in the Dryer.

Add dryer sheets with the clothes (optional).

Step 12: Close Dryer Door

Adjust the Settings to the dryer.

Start the dryer.

Step 13: Take the Clothes Out

When buzzer sounds remove clothes and repeat

Steps 4-12 when ready for second load.

Step 14: Store or Fold (optional) All Done!

You’ve just washed and a dried your laundry.