Introduction: How to Write a Short Story

For learning how to write a short story, you have to choose your themes, setting(s), characters, and the point of views (1st person, 2nd person, 3rd person). You have to have a interesting topic and use big words so people think that you know what you're talking about ;) Go into length when describing a place, scene, or a person. The most important thing however, is conflict/ a problem that makes the story more interesting. The climax is when the conflict is in the final steps of being resolved, or the highest point in the story. In this instruction manual I will be teaching you guys setting, imagery, rising/falling action, how to do an interesting climax, characterization, foreshadowing, and conflict.

Step 1: Setting

To describe setting in a short story, you have to describe how a character feels about the place (example: This place gives me the chills; It's really cold in here, isn't there any heating? Oh no, the lights went off, I can't see anything, I'm beginning to get scared!). That is how you will get the reader to empathize what is happening in that setting. And of course when describing setting, you have to actually describe the place (example: the cold stone bricks were dark against the midnight moon as the young girl walked down the dwindling street beside the old decaying church. As she looked up she only saw the silhouette of the church steeple, dark against the silver light of the moon).

Step 2: Imagery

Step 3: Rising/Falling Action

Step 4: Climax

Step 5: Characterization

Step 6: Foreshadowing

Step 7: Conflict

Step 8: Finished

You are now ready to write a short story :) good luck