Introduction: How to Animate With Sprite's on Adobe Flash

Heyo  this instructable is going to show the quick and easy process of animating sprite's if you dont know what sprites are  they are  all the images / characters in old games or new ones this process is very simple and  extremely time consuming This can be done with three simple steps.  

Step 1: Putting the Sprites Into Adobe Flash

To successfully animate with sprites your gonna need obviously sprites  and there are alot of sites out there for them but im gonna give the link to my highest recommended site for sprites  Secondly your gonna need  any type of adobe flash player for 

Step 2: Putting the Sprites Into Adobe Flash

The sprites im useing are Sonic the hedgehog but you need to put them into adobe how you ask here ill tell you.              
Im useing adobe Cs3 but that dose not change the steps cause they all work the same way  when Flash is loaded up and ready to use go up to the tabs at the top and click -File -Import - and import to libary- . Once your done importing your Sprite sheet you may notice that there is a copy of your sprite sheet Thats because one is .png and the other is .BMP  now what you wanna do is drag the -BITMAP- image into the blank space in the middle and thats that you put your sprites onto flash. But Before you can do Any animateing with the sprites you must trace bitmap them this process is pretty much the same as uploading the sprites go up to the tabs and Click Modify-Bitmap-Trace Bitmap  a little windo will pop up and  will  Have  - Color threshold  Minimum area  curve fit and corner threshold- The Settings you want for this are Color threshold - 0  Minimum area - 1  Curve Fit -Pixles and corner threshold - Normal. Now your ready to animate

Step 3: The Simple Animation.

Now that your ready to animate im gonna show you the very basic -Standing animation- for sonic But first you need to make  A -Symbol- to do that go over to your lybary  on the side And right click  new symbol   a window will pop up leave it at movie clip and just hit ok. now that you have the symbol you can start working on the animation find the frames that you need on the sheet like sonics standing is only 5 frames when you click and hold a box will apper where you move your mouse around now overline the First Frame and press CTRL C and paste it in the first frame in your symbol. now at the top bar were the frames are go up to the frame beside the one you put the first one in and right click insert blank Keyframe and copy the next frame and so on. Thats It the basics of sprite animateing im no pro at it but lemmie tell you this you can get super creative things outta the sprites you can find on the internet.