Introduction: How to Create a Cute Weird Thing

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I was bored... but it was still fun making. but I warn you there are many steps. just take your time

Step 1: Eyes

make a big circle. draw very small circles almost crosseyed.

Step 2: Head Top

for this steps you will draw a almost curved circle and then a point at the tip as it shows

Step 3: Bump

This step is super hard just draw half a circle (small)

Step 4: Point

to seperate the neck from the head draw a very small indent

Step 5: Bump

like step 3 draw a small bump

Step 6: Torso

draw 2 small bumps connecting to step 5s bump

Step 7: New Step

this step does not count

Step 8: Horns

make any shaped horns you want. devil rhino and many more

Step 9: Tounge

the title says it all

Step 10: Stiches

down the middle of his face draw one big line with little lines going across

Step 11: Nose

draw a small circle two lines above the tounge

Step 12: Zipper

make a upside down ice cream cone. draw squiggles on it

Step 13: Outlining! !!!

in any dark color..outline your monster. color in the pupils and horns in that outline color

Step 14: Coloring the Body and Tounge

the body shold be green and the tounge should be pink


color the zipper any color

Step 16: Thank You!!!!!!!!

I ♥ drawing so if you people like it I will keep doing it!!!!