How to Make a Clan Site Using Enjin

Introduction: How to Make a Clan Site Using Enjin

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I am going to show you how to setup ranks, design, and modules for an site.
-Reason why I am showing how is because a few days after I made How to make a gaming clan instructable asked me to help with the site. So I decided to use it as an example for how to make one.

Step 1: How to Start It

These photos that are above show how to. Go to and make an account if you don't already have one. Then after signing in or up scroll down while still on and find 'Clan and Gaming websites'. Fill out the site name and SITE address then select games your clan is on.

Step 2: the Ranks.

I will use pictures to show how to make the ranks. Go to the top left of the page and click 'Admin' on the drop menu click on Users. Scroll down to the bottom left after in the user section and find 'Tags' click on New Tag. Enter what the tag is going to be called. Look I the left and select 'Tag color' Go through and find the color you want the names to be. After you select a color click the small box that says 'Apply to display name' make sure it says 'Display Image and Tag' under what to display. The tag image is optional so I won't go over that part. Go to 'Tag prefix' and entire the prefix/rank of the tag. Go over to the Right a little bit and select the color for the tag/rank. (Optional) Go to User name effects and chose one. Personally I like 'Fire'. Push save tag on the bottom of the page. then go to the small box on the left of the username you want to apply the rank to. Click Tag Users and find the one you just made for the rank. And a popup will open that says Tag user options chose or make sure it says this tag will never expire. You have successfully made your first rank using Enjin.

Step 3: Dealing With the Design...

Go to 'Themes' that is located within the admin dashboard. Go to layout or Header since they are basically the same. Push 'Free' if you are using the Default Plan / Trial Plan and go through and select 'Use' above which ever one you decide to use. The rest of it is REALLY simple no joke.

Step 4: Extra Features.

Go to Modules and delete which ever ones your not going to use. But you will find out which modules you can have unless you upgrade the site after 14 Days of the creation of the site. After you finish messing around with that. Go to 'Settings' and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Push and enter the social networks that your clan has in the verified section.

Step 5: This Step Will Be Showed in a Day or 2.

I will add this step about how to add the site for your MC server. I will post it when I get on another server I haven't already set it up for.
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