Introduction: How to Make an Airsoft Mortar

In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a pneumatic, airsoft mortar. Mine shoots 100 - 200 feet and is sturdy and durable. The simple design makes the creation accurate (tripod is adjustable) as well as compact. You may sling the airsoft mortar around your back (due to a sling) for mobility. This weapon generates a wide enough spread to hit multiple people at once. Overall, the mortar only costs between $20 - 25.                                                                     I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES CAUSED BY THIS INSTRUCTABLE!

Step 1: What You Will Need

To make the mortar, you will need:
1:    1-1/2 inch PVC pipe (3 feet) must be thick enough. we're using compressed air.
2:    PVC primer
3:    tire valve (any size)
4:    PVC cement
5:    1-1/2 inch PVC ball valve
6:    1-1/2 inch end cap
7:     adjustable tripod (I got mine for $1 at a garage sale)
8:    WELDER glue or KRAZY glue (duct tape for heavy usage)
9:    40 millimeter ping pong balls
10:  bicycle pump
11:  airsoft BBs
1:    anything that cuts PVC
The idea is simple (very), so just glue the pieces together as shown in graphic aid one, drill a hole in the cap, slide the bike valve in and welder glue that sucker on. (excuse my language) I'd advise drilling the end cap FIRST...

Step 2: PVC Cutting

You will need to cut the PVC pipe into a 2 foot pipe and a 12 inch pipe. The shorter pipe will be the barrel and the long one is the air chamber. The deal is, I made 2 mortars. One has a longer barrel so that one has a smaller spread. The one with the shorter barrel, on the other hand, has a larger spread of bullets. The smaller one is lighter and easier to carry, so I prefer it in an actual airsoft war.

Step 3: Firing It

Shooting the mortar is simple.(i named mine Lucy) First, close the valve and use a bicycle pump to pump the back chamber to at least 110 psi for best results. Then, put uno (one) 40 millimeter ping pong ball in the front chamber. Drop a hand-full of airsoft BBs in after.Open the ball valve and hear the satisfying pop of air. The ping pong ball will propel the BBs out of the front chamber.

Step 4: Upgrades

DUCT TAPE A SLING ON! It helps so much!

Grease the tripod.(unnecessary) This lets me deploy the mortar in about 20 seconds or so.

Spray-paint it to camo with surroundings.

Follow me on Instructables!(This step is necessary)

Attach an air tank to get more shots before pumping the pressure up again.                                                                                                                                             

note- If you have a team and need more firepower, make this. I made 2 for my team and use them to blast up the enemy's base or fort.