Introduction: How to "Chipmunk" a Song!

Ever Wanted To "Chipmunk" A Song To Give It The Sound Of A Five Year Old Screaming? Well Now You Can! In As Low As Five Minutes!

Step 1: Gooooooooooogle!

Ok, first off, you have to go to and then search "WavePad" And then click on the first link you see.
And then click on the link that says "Download WavePad for Windows (Free Version)" It should take about 2 minutes to download at the most.

Step 2: Fun With WavePad!

After The Installation, It Is Fun Time!!
Hit The "Open" Button And Upload A Song Downloaded From LimeWire Or From A CD Or Really Anywhere! And After That, Go To Effects, And Go Down To Pitch Change. Change the 100 You See To Anywhere Between 170 - 200 And Then Click Preview! If You Want The Song To Be A Deep And Mellow Song (Not chipmunked) Then Change It To 85%