Introduction: How Twins Change Oil in a Jeep

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In this Instructable, we show you how twins change the oil in a 94 Jeep Cherokee, along with all the issues and fun that comes with a Jeep.

A typical 4.0L Jeep engine takes 5 quarts of oil while the older ones take 6 quarts. This can be pricey if you go have it changed somewhere but you can save money if you do it yourself. Oil and a filter can be bought at Autozone, Oreilly's etc, usually on sale for around $20 as a package.

You don't need to jack up the vehicle to do it either! That's a huge time saver and it stays 100% safe while you are under it.

Check out this video tutorial of how to change the oil in a Jeep.

Step 1: Watch Video Below

Come along with us as we go through the fun times and the typical troubles one would face as they change the oil and filter on a Jeep Cherokee.

From having a hard time getting the filter to come out between wires and hoses to forgetting that your funnel is in the trunk of your wife's car while she went to work.

Be amazed that the twins still manage to make it happen.

Step 2: Side Notes and Things Learned

Things To Note and Learn:

  1. Make sure that you have the right tools. Trying to get a drain plug off with pliers will yield bad results. Use of a socket wrench is recommended. If the filter is stuck on, use a filter wrench.
  2. Always verify you have the right filter type. there are at least 2 types of filter for a 4.0L Cherokee engine.
  3. Don't leave your funnel in another car, or your wife will leave with it and you're left to figure out some crazy alternative.
  4. Jeep lifters are very noisy when they don't have oil when the engine is running (as you hear in the video)
  5. Don't forget the drain plug gasket! Having to take off the drain plug to put the gasket back on without losing any fresh oil is challenging.
  6. Have fun with it like we did.

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