Introduction: How to De-drown Your Wet Cell Phone

This is an instructable (my first) telling you how to de-drown your wet cell phone. I know almost everyone has lost a phone to moisture at one time or another. Be it dropped in a drink or toilet, left in a pants pocket and washed, etc. Here is your way around buying a new phone.

Step 1: Basically the Only Step

The first step is of course to PULL OUT THE BATTERY!! If you don't the accelerated corrosion will eat away not only at your battery, but it could damage your phone or even your SIM card making these instructions useless.

After you've done that:

Take your wet cell phone, and seal it in a bag containing two cups of long-grain, white rice.

In approx. 24-48 hours, your cell phone should have dried out completely.
However, you should check it periodically to see if it starts working earlier, but I still recommend you leave it the full time to insure that all of the moisture is removed.

Step 2: Final Instructions

That's pretty much it...

Keep in mind this works about 90% of the time, so don't comment rudely about your failure, I'm sorry...but get over it and buy a new phone.

Also, keep in mind this is my first instructable so be gentle.

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