Introduction: How Fossil Fuels Are Formed

How coal is formed

Coal is formed over millions and millions of years from the remains of swamp plants and animals. When the plants and animals die they sink to the swamp floor. The plant matter has to change into peat. Peat is mostly made out plant and water. Peat is not coal. Peat that is buried by layers of sediment can turn into after millions of years. Over time pressure and high temperature force water and gases out of peat. the peat gradually gets harder. Lignite forms first followed by bitumi nous coal and finally anthracite.

Step 1: What Coal Is Useful for

Coal is used for heat like a furnace. It is used for electricity. Also for light. The next slide shows the process for coal changing to electricity.

Step 2: Coal Transformed Into Electricity

Coal is a very useful and important energy source. Because it can be changed into energy to generate electricity. First to turn coal into electricity you have to dig it out of the ground.

When coal is combusted, it gets very, very,very hot. That heat makes water in a boiler(something that boils water)which turn into steam.The steam moves through the air and turns the propellers of a machine called a turbine.The turbine is connected to a generator, which is where the electricity is generated.The electricity goes through a transformer, which increases the electrical power.To get from the power plant to your school, the electricity travels through power lines. That goes to a house or school.