Introduction: How Make a Cat Baffle for House Plants

Three times this month, our cat Chance has dug up my potted house plants: two Amaryllis bulbs and one Jasmine plant. Dirt everywhere. Unhappy plants. That darn cat!

Using cardboard from an old pizza box, measuring tape, and a pair of scissors, I fashioned a cat baffle which keeps her from digging any more up.

Step 1:

Measure the diameter of your pot, then measure some cardboard. You will make a circle of cardboard about one inch in diameter shorter than the width of the pot at soil level.

Step 2:

With scissors cut out the circle of cardboard. Then cut a slit down to the center of the circle and cut a small hole in the center about 1/2 inch wider than the stem of the plant.

Step 3:

You'll get something like this. Simple, eh?

Step 4:

Drop the cardboard baffle into place around the stem of the plant. That cat won't mess with you now.

Because the cardboard is porous, you can still water your plant as usual.