Introduction: How Much Can You Make With 5g of Sugru

It was our first experiment with Sugru and we wanted to know how much 5 grams actually are. I must admit that the pack looks quite small, but here is what we did:
1. We needed to stick a remote control for our server room air conditioner on to the wall.
2. My friends new notebook lost a rubber foot, so we glued it back on
3. The door plate of our Network Operation Center fell of a year ago, that needed fixing
4. Then we fixed a cash box drawer, where the plastic was breaking away.
5. Because we still had almost half left, we wanted to stick a fake surveillance camera to the tiles in a public restroom. Unfortunately Sugru did not stick to the tiles sufficiently, not even the grout. So we added a strain-relief to my other friends headphone.

Result: Two wall mounts, Notebook foot, headphone strain-relief, cash-drawer plastic.

I was very surprised how much can be done with a 5g pack.