Introduction: Easy Hi-res Photo Taken From One View With an Easy Method.

This short instructable will show you how to make an awesome hi-res picture from one thing from one view. 

This method could be also used to make super macro photography and other purposes where You couldn't make one perfect shot, but from 3-5-10 or more pictures you could make the optimal picture.

In this case I had made a photo from a crystalline solid at the bottom of a breaker at the lab where I work. The was also no light for an optimal photo, so I had to use this little trick to make this photo:

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Step 1: What You Will Need:

At first You will need a camera, DSLR, point and shoot or any kind of them (I use a Nikon DSLR) and preferred lens for the work (in my case it was a Vivitar Series 1 macro). 

The easy lightening setup could be made up simply from a flashlight or a strobe or anything what is not a candle and it makes some light. 

And the most important: something to make the picture from. It is preferred to use something what doesn't moves. 

Step 2: How to Take the Photos

The photos should be taken from one fix place and from one, fix non moving subject.

While taking the pictures remember not to move the camera or the subject, the only thing what should have to move is the light source what will light the model.

It is preferred to make a picture without any extra light, and make 3-10 pictures where the subject it lighten from different angles (uver, under, left, right, behind, ect.)

My 4 pic looked like this:

Step 3: Combine Your Pics to Make One Adorable Picture

With using a program what finds the sharp details of your picture it is easy and could be done in no time. There is a freeware software named CombineZM (used mainly by microscope photographers). Also other software's could do the same, but they are usually not freeware, like: Zerene Stacker.

You should load the pictures to the program and stack them into one picture. This could take a few minutes, but totally wort it:

The stacker is a freeware software and it could be downloaded from here:

If You are interested in lab/chemistry photography, than visit my blog: