How the Make a Bean Bag




Introduction: How the Make a Bean Bag

Things you will need:
- bean bag beans
- cheap fabric to make inner ( calico or sheeting )
- decorative cover
- zipper
- sewing machine

Step 1: Get Materials

Bean bag beans we just got at our local target.

Inner fabric we just used cheap calico

Cover fabric we just used a 120cm curtain

The Zipper we got from a fabric store

Step 2: Sew Inner Together

But make sure to leave a hole

Step 3: Add Beans

Use the hole you left to fill it

Step 4: Sew Hole Up

Step 5: Sew Cover Together

Step 6: Put Zip on Cover

Leaving A Flap To Cover The Zip

Step 7: Out Inner in Cover

And that's it

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