Introduction: How to Clean a Keyboard

this is answering a burning question which was how to clean a keyboard which is actually quite simple and I will show you how in this instructable. this is an instructable that will be entered in the burning questions round 7 so i hope you like it and vote.

Step 1: Materials

the materials needed are a keyboard that needs cleaning, a good amount of paper towels, cleaning spray and a keyboard duster. maybe even some wipes for back up.

Step 2: The Check Up

in this step you will check to see where your keyboard needs cleaning. (most keyboards need to be cleaned by the keys) the areas where i pointed in the pictures are where my keyboard needed cleaning.

Step 3: Spray and Wipe

now take your cleaning spray and spray a small amount on every section that needs cleaning. now take your paper towel and rub it on the sections where you sprayed. if your keyboard is still a bit dusty either repeat those steps or use wipes if you have any.

Step 4: The Keyspaces

now we all know about that scum that gets between our keys. ugh. the more complex way to get this out which i will not be doing is to take out all the keys and clean the underneath spaces. but thats time consuming and then you have to put the keys back in. if you're like me and want to get your keyboard clean quickly you're going to do what I did. in this step you will use the keyboard duster, wipes, and some of your breath. first just blow air on some of the dirty spots(sorry no picture). these could get some dust out. now take the keyboard duster and dust on the keys for a little bit. now take the wipe and put something small in it like shown in picture . then wipe in the small spaces to get dust out.

Step 5: Shiny Overcoat

now to make your keyboard squeaky clean or at least look like that we will now put on some shine using wipes. just take the wipe and wipe it around the spots on the keys and on the empty space. now your keyboard is clean.

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