Introduction: How to 3D Design a Turkey Napkin Ring

I love TinkerCAD, here's a friendly tutorial for beginners to intermediate on how to make a Turkey Napkin Ring Holder.

Step 1: Start With the Ring!

Lets drag out a ring and make it 40 by 40MM. Flip it 90 degrees as seen in the photo and video.

Step 2: Feets

Select Characters and drag out two feet!

Step 3: Feather Time!

Drag out a cylinder, make it 5mm tall and oblong like the photo and video.

Place it in the center of the ring/bird.

Now let's duplicate and rotate to get them in the right spot!

You can add another layer of feathers on top of the first layer for a nice overlay effect.

Step 4: Turkeys Need Heads Too

Drag out a sphere and place it on top of the ring infant of the feathers, you will need to resize to get it the right ratio.

Drag out another sphere for an eye.

Make sure to duplicate the first eye for the second eye and use the arrows on the keyboard to get it in place.

Now a cone is perfect for the nose!

Step 5: Remote the Extra Bottom Part of the Feathers

Depending on how you placed the feathers, some of the bottom tips of them may be in the ring.

Drag out a Hole Cylinder, spin 90 degrees and place in the ring to cut out the extra feather bits.

Step 6: 3D Admire, 3D Print

Select all and group to admire and print your creation!