Introduction: How to 3D Laser Cut Things

So you want to make something like this huh?

Well follow these easy steps so I can show you how. By Brady Roberts.

Step 1: Download a 3D Model

First you have to either download or create a 3d model. You can get one from here or you can make one on Fusion 360. You can just take a model from the 3d printing category

Step 2: Things You Need to Download

Once you have a model that you would like to download you need to download it and you also need to download Slicer which is just like fusion 360 and is made by the same company.

Step 3: The File

You're going to want to open slicer and then import your file that you downloaded. If your file works then it will show up like this.

Step 4: The Settings

You’re going to want to mess with the settings so you get what you want. For this particular one that we are doing you're going to want to change the size of how big your sheet your going to be printing this off of in the program to the same size as the one you're going to use. Then you’re going to want to change the size to how ever you want it to be. Then you want to change the construction technique to stacked slices.And finally once you have everything you want you want to click get plans and then click export to my computer.

Step 5: Put Them on Your Flash Drive

Once you have everything downloaded you want to put the files onto your flash drive.

Step 6: Get Them Ready to Cut

Once you have it on your flash drive you want to put your flash drive into your computer hooked up into the laser cutter and load up the files. You might have to change the size of the images but usually not.

Step 7: Cut Them Out

Cut all the pieces out and wait for them to be done.

Step 8: Orginize

Once you have all of your pieces you are going to want to organize them from least to greatest. (NOT NECESSARY JUST BETTER FOR ORGANIZATION)

Step 9: The Finally

Step 9: Then you just want to start glueing them together and if you need help then go into slicer and it will show you which one goes where in a video.Plus on some of them it will have guide lines to show you where to put them. After a while you will start to see your image.

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