Introduction: How to 3D Print With SolidWorks

In order to 3D print using SolidWorks one must first have access to the SolidWorks software. One must also have a USB flash drive that can store the design and access to a 3D printer.


SolidWorks software

USB Drive

3D Printer (Optional)

Step 1: Creating and Importing a Design in SolidWorks

Once SolidWorks is open click "ok."The first step to 3D printing is having an idea to print. If starting from the beginning one must choose whether they are creating a part or opening an old file.

Step 2: Saving and Moving to a USB Flash Drive

Once the design is chosen it must be saved as a .STL file in order to be printed. It is important to move the file to a USB flash drive. Once the file is on the USB flash drive it can then be safe ejected.

Step 3: How to Use the 3D Printer

Plug the USB into the printer computer. Select "ok" twice once the window has popped up and select print. In a matter of hours the part will be finished.