Introduction: How to 3d Print a Robot

today I will be showing you how to go from a sketch made in minutes to a good looking professional robot that's ready to print.


cad software ( I use Tinkercad make it much much easier )

mm measuring device (if not using Tinkercad)

Step 1: Step 1

start with a general idea just to show what you want to build. think about these key components of your robot.

1. what do you want it to do

2. how can it achieve that

3 what moving parts are there and could you find an easier way to do that

Step 2: Step 2 Scale Model

make sure it's the size you want ( tinkercad has an Arduino for reference )

Step 3: Step 3 Add Components

use your mm measuring tool to make shapes to represent the components ( tinkercad has pre-sized components )

Step 4: Step 4 Get Ready to Print

layout all the parts so there print-ready.

print assemble and enjoy.

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