How to Add Decorative Trims to Your Curtains

Introduction: How to Add Decorative Trims to Your Curtains

Curtains are essential parts of any room decor and they add great value to your interiors when designed with care. Using fringe trims, you can embellish your curtains and give them an updated look without going over your budget.

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

  • Fringe Trims

Fringe trims are great for giving your curtains and blinds a new look without spending too much. You can find great looking trims in your local curtain shops or order them online at Amazon or eBay. I ordered my glassy beaded fringe trims from Blinds4Value.

  • Sewing Machine

To add your trims to your curtains you'll need a sewing machine. It doesn't need to be a professional one, you can use a handheld sewing machine. If you don't think you can get hold of a basic sewing machine, you can always try hand stitching the trims to your curtains.

  • Pins
  • Scissors

Step 2: Time to Do Some Sewing!

Although there are products for gluing trims on fabric, I recommend old fashioned sewing because it lasts longer and doesn't come up after a period of time.

Things to pay attention

First, use your pins to attach your trim around the edge of your curtain. After making sure it is stable where you want it to be, start sewing. When you are finished, cut the excess part of the trim on the edges of the curtain if there are any.

That's all. You can now hang your curtains back and enjoy the new look of your curtains with beautiful fringe trims.

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    Great idea. You can personalize a cheap set of curtains and make them look top notch.