Introduction: How to Add FPV to a Racing Drone

We began by getting on all-in-one FPV camera, transmitter and antenna. our model features the use of input 5-12v power for a wide range of drones.

Step 1: Getting the Right Plug-ins

for most racing drones built or bought, they use a 6-10 channel receiver unit with a free B\VCC port that we will use for our peripherals in this case being the FPV camera. Ensure that your camera\ FPV transmitter has a 3 pin accessory plug in. Black is for the ground, red for the 5v power and white is a signal wire telling the camera when to turn on.

Step 2: Putting the Pieces Together

Plug the 3 pin connector into the B\VCC port on your receiver. ensure that you have it in the right way. The will be a diagram on the receiver informing you on which direction is the positive, negative and signal wire.

Step 3: Test It, Mount It.

Once the camera is plugged in, turn on the drone and headset and check all channels until you see image. It may take a while but most headsets have an auto searching feature that might speed up the process. once you have established a strong signal, run the wires within the frame of the drone and mount the camera wherever you desire. We used hot glue to secure ours to the top of the drone because there was no room inside the drone. Make sure that the battery will still fit on board before gluing anything.

Step 4: Safety Measures

If you have access to a 3D printer, print a case for the antenna. In the case of crash, the antenna will hopefully not bend and will be safe to run another day.