Introduction: How to Add Fractions

Hi everyone. i have noticed all of you to be struggling with adding fractions so i will show you a method you can use to solve these sums

Step 1: Lets Start

First, the fraction shown here is 2/4 + 1/4. We will get the answer to this sum.

Step 2: Denominators and Numerators

The denominator is the number at the bottom of the fractions. the numerator is on the top. The denominator usally stays the same in most sums but we will look at different denominator sums later.

Step 3: Denominator

Like we said last step, in the answer will stay the same in the final sum

Step 4: Finish

After that you just add the top numbers, in this case 2 and 1 so 2+1=3

Step 5: Now Try This

(remember top plus top)

Step 6: Different Denominators

Easy right? this will give your brain a hard time.

Step 7: Start

First, you find the lowest common denominator which is the lowest number that both denominatorsgo into

Step 8: Getting the Denominator

Now, the lowest common denominator is 15 so that goes into our final sum

Step 9: Confusion

Now, as labled, you have to times 5*3 and 15*1 because what you do to the bottom must be able to do it on the top so because 5 was timesed by 3 you have to times the diagonally oppisite number

Step 10: Now

Now that you have timed 2 by 1 and 3 by 3, you get the answers of the numerators (top ones)

Step 11: Congrats

i hope everyone understood what i made lol

Step 12: The Holy Answer

Step 13: Simplify?

What if you wanted your super complex answer to be able to be read by everybody?

Step 14: Keep Dividing

keep dividing the top and bottom by 2 until one of them reatches a point where it goes into decimals