Introduction: How to Add MSUM Printers on Your Personal Computer

This is a manual which will help you add any MSUM’s printer on your personal computer. Before you try this make sure you are connected to the MSUM’s wifi.

The item required to complete this manual is:

1. Any personal computer

2. MSUM printer

Step 1: MAC Manual: Go to System Preferences

To begin with, from the desktop click on apple sign and choose system preferences.

Step 2: Go to Printers and Scanners

After you clicked on system preferences click on printers
and scanners


Step 3: Add the Printer

Click on plus sign to add a new printer.


Step 4: Fill Out the Printer Information

Once you click on plus sign you should see Add


Step 5: What If the Advanced Option Is Missing

If you don’t see Advanced Button Option right click on Add sign to access the Customize toolbar window. After you open Customize toolbar click on Advanced and drag it on to the Add Window toolbar. Once you are over the toolbar section release the mouse button.

Step 6: Compelete the Settings

Set the settings as shows in the picture

Type: Windows
printer via spools

Device: Another Device

URL: smb://

Name: CloudPrint-BW

Location: Everywhere

Use: Generic PostScript Printer


Step 7: Select Duplex Printing Unit

Press Add to continue. Once you press Add you get a
prompt if you want to use duplex printing unit. Put a tick in the box (Duplex Printing Unit) and press OK. This will give you an option of duplex printing (printing on both sides of a paper).

Step 8: Enter Credentials

If you installed the printer the first time you will
prompted to enter your school credentials such as your:

1. Star id

2. Star id password.

The following picture will show how to do it:

After that the printer will be installed on your

If you want to install the Color Printer just change
the URL Section from

URL: smb://


URL: smb:// and Name as CloudPrint-Color.

You can test out by printing any document on your computer.


Step 9: Windows Manual Go to Your Start Button

Click on the windows logo on the left bottom of your screen.

Step 10: Search the Printers

Click on the search button to open the search box or start typing anything and it will open the search box.

Start typing \\ and hit enter.

Step 11: Enter Credentails

Enter your MSUM credentials in the box.

Step 12: Select the Printer

Select any printer that you want to print from . You can select cloud printer to print to your nearest printer.

Step 13: Add the Printer

Right click on any of the printer that you want to add and click on connect . It should ask you for your MSUM credentials.

You can test the printers by trying to print out any
documents from your computer. If you have added the cloud printer, you can go to any printer nearby and swipe your college id and the document will show up.