Introduction: How to Add a Metal Lock to Your Joycons

To do this project I used this product

but there are many other products that you could buy and could or could not be cheaper depending on where you live for shipping prices.

In this instructable I'll show you how to modify your joycon to make the plastic lock a metal lock which is much more durable and resistant.

Step 1: Opening the Joycon

-Remove the 4 screws that close the joycon (image 2), than proceed to open the joycon [WARNING] open with caution if opened too quickly wires might disconnect. (image 3)

Step 2: Removing the Rail

-Remove the screw shown in the image (image 1) and then separate the rail from the joycons back plate (image 2)

Step 3: Removing the Bracket

-Remove the black screw (image 1) and then slowly remove the metal bracket that holds the plastic lock (image 2) [Warning] If you remove the bracket to fast there might be a chance that the spring flies off and you might lose it.

Step 4: Removing the Plastic Lock

-While holding the spring compressed remove the plastic lock (image 1)

Step 5: Adding the Metal Lock

-Add the metal lock (image 2). To do so compress the the spring then insert it in the spot where the plastic lock used to be.

Step 6: Adding the Bracket

-Add the bracket (image 1) and its black screw (image 2)

Step 7: Adding the Rail

-Add the rail to the joycon back plate with the screw (image 1)

Step 8: Closing Back the Joycon

-Reconnect the 2 pieces of the joycon (image 1) and screw the screws back on (image 2).