Introduction: How to Adjust Dirt Bike Chain

Hello, My name is Jaden Ching, today you are going to learn how to tighten a chain on a dirt bike. I have been Racing dirt bikes for about 5 years now and to get the most performance out of your bike you’ll need a good chain adjustment. Chain length is important because if it is too loose it could fall off, but if too tight it could break. I am going to show you the tools and steps necessary to adjust your chain. A good chain is a good ride.

Step 1: Tools Needed

8 mm wrench

12 mm wrench

250 mm adjustable wrench

Step 2:

Loosen the axle nut with the adjustable wrench

Step 3:

loosen locking nuts on adjuster bolts using 12 mm wrench

Step 4:

Pull back on the tire and thread the adjusting bolts out.

Side note* keep track of how many adjustment lines as you pull the tire back. count them as you go back and make sure they are the same distance on each side on both sides to keep the wheel straight.

Step 5:

Align the adjusting lines on both side to preferred chain length (length varies on what you are using the bike for).

Then run the adjusting bolts to the adjusting block and tighten the locking nut.