Introduction: How to Adjust Video Color Manually Using IMovie

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On this episode I'm going to show you how to change the color of video using imovie. So the first thing you want to do after you have you have imported you into the imovie timeline is decide where you want your color changes to be. I'm going to spilt this clip up into three portions where I want to change video color to start and end at.

Once you've got your video cut up and ready, your going to want to double click on video segment, this will bring up the inspector window, if you click on the video tab you can adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, and saturation but for this video we're gonna be focusing color gain. The color gain changes the amount of red, green, and blue coloring; if you drag to the slider to the right to increase the intensity of each those respective color.

Here is a quick guide to the iMovie video adjustments:

Levels: Changes the black and white levels. Drag the left slider to increase black; drag the right slider to increase white.

Exposure: Changes the shadows and highlights; dragging to the right intensifies the highlights.

Brightness: Changes the overall light level; dragging to the right makes the image lighter

Contrast: Changes the relative contrast of light and dark tones; dragging to the right makes edges between light and dark areas more stark.

Saturation: Changes the color intensity; dragging to the right makes the colors richer.

Red Gain, Green Gain, and Blue Gain changes the amount of red, green, and blue coloring; drag to the right to increase the intensity of each color. (These sliders are visible only if you have enabled advanced tools.)

White Point: Changes the color range by resetting the color white; click in the circle and drag around to maximize the white tones.

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