Introduction: How to Animate a 32 Bit Character

For this Tutorial I will be showing you the basics of animating a 32 bit character walk cycle.

Step 1: Step 1: the Creation

First we will need to create our character. A great site to start on is Pixilart. You can either fiddle around on your own or find inspiration threw other peoples art. The first Image of your character should be pretty relaxed in stance. This will be your Neutral or Idle stance.

Step 2: Step 2: Walking Part 1

Walking animations might be the most difficult thing to animate. The first part of a walking animation will be the turn (unless your character is already facing to the side or does a shuffle)

Step 3: Step 3: Walking Part 2

Now that your character has turned he can take his first steps. Just extend one foot in front of the other as one would.(the best way to make key frames is find a image highlighting the main parts of a walk cycle)

Squash, Pass, Stretch, Stride

Step 4: Step 4: Walking Part 3

Now that the first leg has gone threw its whole cycle its time for its second leg.It will be doing the same as the first. A few tips to make it easier is copy the first walking frames and swap which leg is on the outside. Now that both legs are done loop them around 250ms speed.