Introduction: How to Animate in Krita

In this short tutorial, i'll show you how to animate in Krita for beginners

Step 1:

To start, go to this address :

Step 2:

Install krita by clicking on this button

Step 3:

Once installed, create a new document, you can copy my informations or put yours

Step 4:

To activate the animation tool, go to settings > dockers > and check animation

Step 5:

Select this tool and select a brush, if you don't see the panel brushes go to settings > dockers and check brush presets

Step 6:

You can change the opacity and size here

Step 7:

For the next step, click on the first frame in the timeline (Settings > Dockers > Timeline) then click on this icon, you have to click on this for every frame you'll create

Step 8:

One more important tips, click on this light to make visible your previous and next frames, now you're ready! :)