Introduction: How to Apply Highlight

This is a step-by-step guide on how to apply highlight to your face, from what color to use to placement. Made to help even the newest of makeup users to help you achieve a basic glow.

Step 1: Determine Which Shade of Highlight Is Best for You.

Highlighter will not wok as it is supposed to unless it is the right shade. A general rule of thumb is that the lighter you are, the lighter shade of highlight you should use. For light to medium skin tones, use white, silver, light gold or light pink shades. For tan to deep tones, use gold, rust, yellow or light brown shades.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials.

You will need:

  • Highlight (that works on your skin tone, of course)
  • Highlighter brush
    • Highlighter brushes are fan-shaped or have small, soft bristles.

Step 3: Apply Highlight to Your Cheekbones.

Your cheekbones can be found by pressing lightly on the high points of your cheeks until you find the part of the bone underneath that is the most prominent.

Then, brush the product onto this area, starting from below the outside tip of your eyebrow to two fingertip lengths from your nose.

Step 4: Apply Highlight to Your Nose.

Highlight on the nose usually goes on the very tip of the nose and the nose bridge. The tip of the nose is the cartilage at the bottom of the nose that sticks out the most.

Add a touch of product to the tip of your middle finger (a little goes a long way.) Then, highlight on the tip of your nose.

Add product to the tip of your middle finger again. Apply highlight starting from right below your eyebrows to one fingertip length from where you put your highlight on the tip of your nose.

**You can stop here or follow these extra steps for more glow.

Step 5: Apply Highlight to the Inner Corners of Your Eyes.

Your inner corner is the skin around your tear duct. Add a touch of product to the tip of your pinky finger and lightly tap highlight onto your inner corner

Step 6: Apply Highlight to Your Brow Bone.

Your brow bone is the area right underneath the end of your eyebrow, but right above the crease on your eyelid.

Lightly brush the product onto the brow bone - you don't need a lot, just enough to brighten up the area.

Step 7: And That's It!

Now you are glowing and ready to take on the day. Soon enough, you'll be able to do more cool things with highlight like playing with texture, layering, using it as eyeshadow, and more!