Introduction: How to Assemble Pipe Clamps

This is a quick tutorial on assembling pipe clamps.

Step 1: Clamps and Pipe

You will need a set of clamps and an appropriate diameter pipe with a single threaded end. The most common clamp sizes are 1/2" and 3/4". The clamp shown here is 3/4" and also has feet to help stabilize a clamped project. Clamps without feet are also available, but I build all my clamps with feet because it makes them more versatile. 1/2" and 3/4" steel pipe can be purchased at any big box home improvement store in precut lengths and 10' pieces. It is much cheaper to buy a 10' piece and have the store cut and thread it, for free, to whatever lengths you desire.

Step 2: Sliding Clamp

Slide the mobile clamp onto the pipe with the clamp face facing the threads.

Step 3: Threaded Clamp

Slide the pipe through the keyhole and into the threaded clamp assembly. Screw the clamp until it is snug and tight.

Step 4: Complete

Realign the sliding clamp, so that both clamp faces are in alignment, and your done. You can never have too many pipe clamps, so start a collection for your next project.