Introduction: How to Assemble a Basic Wedding Favor Box

Of all the wonderful wedding favors available, the favor box is consistently one of the most popular choices. Brides and wedding planners know that, filled with a tasty treat, favor boxes are more likely to be taken home and enjoyed by their guests than other favors. In fact, some favor-box contents don't even make it out of the reception hall!

With most favor boxes, some assembly is required. At the very least, you have to fill the box with a treat. Cardboard favor boxes, in particular, usually come flat in a kit that also includes the ribbon or any other accents in the design. While it's not rocket science, assembling favor boxes can be a bit tricky at times, which can be frustrating if you have 100 boxes to put together. Let's assemble a typical favor box to learn what you can do to make the task as easy and quick as possible. We'll use the belly band-style "Autumn Elegance" Laser-Cut Leaf Fall Favor Box for this process.

Step 1: Getting Started

Favor box kits typically arrive in plastic bags with everything you need to assemble the box. For this favor box, we have a bottom, a top and pre-cut satin ribbon. Take everything out of the packet, separate the three box elements with the box bottom at the left, the top in the center and the satin ribbon on the right. You're ready to begin.

Step 2: Folding the Favor Box Bottom

Take a box bottom, which has been pre-folded,  and squeeze gently on the two ends to pop it into the box shape.

Step 3: Helpful Hint!

The secret to easy favor box assembly is folding in all the clearly delineated fold lines before putting the tabs together. Reinforcing the folds before you secure the tabs ensures an attractive, flat (instead of slightly curved) box bottom and top.

Step 4: Securing the Box-Bottom Flaps

There are four tabs. Two opposing tabs look exactly alike, and the other two opposing tabs have a tongue-in-groove design. First, fold down the groove (or cutout) tab, followed by the two identical opposing tabs.

Now, hold the tabs in place and insert the tongue tab underneath the cutout and between the two side tabs, which keep the box bottom securely closed.

Step 5: Tackling the Box Top

The box top-folding process begins the same way as the bottom: squeeze the sides gently to form the box and reinforce all the folds. Then fold the two side tabs inward.

Next, simply fold the top tab over and insert the folded front tab in between the side of the box and the two inside tabs. Phase II complete!

Step 6: Filling the Favor Box

Pour jelly beans, mints, M&Ms, Skittles, gummy bears, tiny cinnamon hearts--whatever your favorite bite-size candy--into the box bottoms. Don't fill the boxes all the way to the top; leave about a half-inch of space between the candy and the top of the box.

Step 7: Topping It Off

Gently slide the favor box top over the candy-filled bottom.You might have to manipulate the bottom of the box a bit by squeezing it around the top to help the lid slide over it. To avoid denting the edges of the top, don't force it.

Step 8: Tying the Ribbon

The focal point of the favor box is the laser-cut leaf, so you want to tie the ribbon around the other two sides. Lay the ribbon on the table with the satin side of the ribbon facing the table. Then center the favor box on top of the ribbon, bring the ribbon around the box on both sides and tie a bow at the top. The satin side of the ribbon should show, so be sure to check and invert the loops if necessary.

Step 9: Impressing Your Guests

Place a favor box at each place setting on your reception tables. You can put it beside the plate, on the table just above the plate or on the plate itself. Mission accomplished, and your guests will be delighted with their lovely "thank you" gift!