Introduction: How to Assemble a Computer

this will help you to assemble a computer

Step 1: Getting Parts

you need to accuire



-optical drive


-power supply

-sata cables



-hard drive

-screws and stuff

Step 2: Get Tools

you will need:

- a scredriver (for flat head and philips screws)

-wire cutters





-screw container

-heat sink

-grounding strap

Step 3: Open the Case and Ground Yourself

open the case by removing the screws on the side plate

wear a grounding strap on your wrist and attach the other end to the computer case

the reason you would wear this strap is because it prevents damage to the computer by static electricity

Step 4: Install the Motherboard

first find the io bezel plate and install it onto the case

then install the standoffs into the case

then put the motherboard in having it aligned to the io bezel and screw it in

Step 5: Install the Hard Drive

push it into the slot it fits into on the case and screw it in when it gets far enough in

Step 6: Install the Optical Drive

-remove the part of the case covering them drive slot and slid the drive in making sure it is properly placed

-screw it in

Step 7: Installing the Cpu

you should find the proper way to orient the cpu first, some manufacturers do this differently so consult your manual.

orient it in the direction that it can be pushed down onto the slot

pull the rod on the socket up and push the cpu down

push the rod back down

Step 8: Installing the Ram

put the ram card on top of the socket, if the tab is in the wrong place turn the card around and it should be fine

push the ram into the socket and it should lock into place

Step 9: Installing the Heat Sink and Fan Onto the Cpu

put the heat sink on top of the motherboard and aligned with the screw holes

screw the heat sink into place

put the fan onto the cpu and lock it into place

connect the cable to the fan

Step 10: Installing Other Fan

install the case fan onto the mounting holes on the case

Step 11: Install the Power Supply

install the power supply into the case and tighten the screws

Step 12: Connect All the Cables

connect the cables to the sockets they go to

Step 13: Finished!

put the side of the case back on and turn the computer on!