Introduction: How to Assemble a Sectional Sofa From Love Sac

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I love my Love Sac sactional. I would not normally encourage people to buy sectionals, but the love sac is more like what you would get if Lego made furniture. It sits great, looks sharp, you can sleep on it. It is easy to clean. I love the thing.With the pieces I have I can make 2 Love Seats, a couch with ottoman or chaise . A "Movie Lounger". or a Love Seat and 2 chairs. or a Couch and one chair. That's a lot of seating combinations. Best part is you can buy covers to change the look as often as the seasons change. So it's literally the best option for anyone who likes to switch it up.

Step 1: Remove Cushion

So they come in relatively small boxes for a couch. The side has a base and a hook. The base has both the bottom cushion and the back cushion. They need to be removed by releasing the 2 pieces of wood that hold them in. A base piece is also inside under both cushions. There is also a metal U-connector. There are 4 pegs for the legs of the base too.

Step 2: Assembly

Pretty easy, screw in the pegs into the holes in the 4 corners of the base.

Step 3: Assembly of the Back

So the back part is similar, there are 2 pegs that need screwed in. Remove the foam packing to reveal a hole that a U-connector was in.

Step 4: Connect It All

Now take one of the 4 holed-base plates and put one of the pegs from the base of the sactional into a hole and then in the corresponding/parallel hole, place the back piece peg. Add a U-connector to the center of the two pieces.

Step 5: Cushions

Put cushions on. You can get covers for the cushions to change the look of your LoveSac Sactional.