Introduction: How to Assemble a Skateboard Effectively and Efficiently

In this instructables manual you will be taught how to properly assemble a complete skateboard. While this can be a complicated process, if done correctly it can be quick and easy. You will be walked through each step carefully to avoid any mistakes or mishaps. In order to put the skateboard together correctly the first time, it is imperative to review the steps multiple times and fully understand them during construction.

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Step 1: Go to Your Local Skateboard Shop and Purchase the Supplies

In order to get the proper materials choose a skateboard store closest to you.  While there you will need to buy:

•1 skateboard deck
Skateboards decks come in different sizes depending on the size of your foot and skating preference. The size of the skateboard is measured by its width and is typically around 8 inches.
• 2 skateboard trucks
 Comes with 1 bolt for each wheel
• 4 skateboard wheels
 Skateboard wheels come in different sizes and hardnesses. Figuring out these your preference will come with experience.
• 8 skateboard wheel bearings (1 package)
 Skateboard bearings come in abec-3, abec-5, and abec-7. Abec-7 is the fastest while abec-3 is the slowest.
• 1 strip of grip tape bigger than surface area of the skateboard deck
• 2 skateboard riser pads
• 8 bolts and 8 screws (1 package of hardware)

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Step 2: Apply the Griptape

To apply the grip tape:

1. First take the protective plastic sheet off the grip tape like a sticker. Don’t throw it away because you will use this in a moment.
2. Next place the grip tape over the skateboard and apply it as evenly as possible. Be sure to cover the entire skateboard.
3. Use the plastic sheet to rub down the grip tape so it is pressed firmly against the skateboard in all places.
4. If there are any bubbles in the grip tape pop them with a needle and rub them down. They will be left unnoticed.

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Step 3: Cut Off the Excess Griptape

To remove the access grip tape:

1. With a metal file, scrape an outline around the edge of the skateboard deck.
2. Use a razor blade to cut along the outline as seen in the picture below.
3. Once you have removed all excess grip tape, use the file to smooth out the edges.

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Step 4: Poke Out the Bolt Holes

To poke the bolt holes, simply locate the 8 holes and use a screwdriver as seen in the picture below.

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Step 5: Align the Risers With the Holes on the Skateboard

To align the risers simply place them on the skateboard over the hole as seen in the picture below. Riser pads will help prevent pressure cracks. Pressure cracks are small cracks that that form around the trucks, which you will install in the next step. 

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Step 6: Install the Trucks

To install the trucks:

1. First place the skateboard trucks over the holes making sure the large kinging bolts are facing inward (Refer to step 9 for diagram).
2. Using your fingers push the bolts through the top side of the skateboard and the through the holes.
3. Next, screw the nuts onto the bolts using your fingers. Once all the bolts are in place, tighten them using a phillips head screw driver and the proper size wrench or socket.

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Step 7: Press the Bearings Into the Wheels

To press the bearings into the skateboard wheels:

1. Place a bearing into the both sides of skateboard wheel.
2. Next, using your thumbs press the bearings into the wheel as demonstrated in the picture seen below.
3. To completely secure the bearings into the wheel place them onto the truck and press down  on the sides of the wheel firmly.  Make sure both sides are pressed in all the way.

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Step 8: Install the Wheels on the Trucks

To install the wheel onto the truck:

1. First place a washer onto the axle of each skateboard truck, as seen in the diagram below.
2. Next place the wheels onto the trucks followed by the other washer.
3. Use your fingers to tighten a nut onto each axle.
4. Finally, using the correct size wrench or socket, tighten the axle bolt onto the truck. Make sure you do not over tighten the bolt. Leave just enough space for the skateboard wheel to spin freely. If the spinning of the wheel is affected at all you have over tightened the bolt.

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Step 9: Adjust the Tightness of the Trucks

To adjust the tightness of the truck, use the correct size wrench or socket to tighten the kingpin bolt (see the diagram below). Only you will be able to tell how tight/loose to make the kingpin bolt.

Step 10: Go Skateboard

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