Introduction: How to Assemble and Use a Cordless Power Drill

This instructable will be a guide on how to use a cordless power drill.


Drill bits-I will be using 5.2 drill bit.
A DeWalt 20v MAX Lithium Ion power drill and corresponding battery pack

Step 1: Assemble the Materials

Today I will be using a Dewalt 20v MAX 1.5AH Power Drill and battery pack, along with a 5.2 sized drill bit. Get the materials together in a clear well lit work area for increased ease of assembly.

Step 2: Attach the Battery Pack

On the bottom of the drill, there are slots corresponding with the grooves and slots on the top of the battery pack. Match up the grooves, then slide the battery pack onto the drill. It will make a clicking sound as it connects correctly, and will then be unable to slide forwards or backwards.

Step 3: Check That the Battery Pack Is Secure

Check to make sure the battery pack is ready to go and securely attached to the power drill. If it can slide more than a millimeter in either direction, or doesn't start, revert back to step 2.

Step 4: Check That the Battery Pack Is Secure: Using the Safety

One way to check to make sure the connection is solid, is by taking off the safety.
The safety is the small black switch next to the trigger button. You can turn it on by pushing it into the drill until it is set and centered in the drill. To turn it off, push it until it is not centered, and more to a side.
You can tell if the safety is on if you pull the trigger and it remains stuck, or unmoving.
Once you take off the safety, pull the trigger. If the drill head begins to revolve, you have correctly attached the battery pack.

Step 5: Attaching the Drill Bit: Opening the Drill Head

For this next step, turn on the safety. (If you aren't sure how, refer to Step 3) Once the safety has been activated, decide on a drill bit to use. I will be using the 5.2 bit.
Then, check the drill head to make sure it is open.
If it isn't, you can open it by turning the drill head to the left. Continue to turn it until it is wide enough to insert the drill bit

Step 6: Attaching Drill Bit-Tightening

Once you have the drill head open, insert the smooth end of the drill bit into the hole in the drill head, pushing it in completely. Once inserted, turn the drill head spinning part to the right until it starts to make clicking sounds and wont turn any further.
Note- sometimes if the drill head opening is too wide, it will get stuck, if that happens, hold the drill bit still as you turn the spin bit.

Step 7: Using the Power Drill- Buttons

At this point, both the battery back and drill bit should be securely attached to the power drill. Turn off the safety, and press the trigger to make sure everything is working. If you wish to insert a screw, make sure that the switch on top of the drill is switched so that the number 1 is showing. If you wish to remove the screw, flip the switch so that the 2 is displayed instead.

Step 8: Using the Power Drill: Setting Up the Screw

Make sure the drill bit you are using will work with the type of screws you have, both in size and type, ie Phillip's or flat head. Now place a screw at the point you'd like to insert it into a wall or fixture, angling the way you want it to go in.

Step 9: Using the Power Drill: Inserting the Screw

Once you have the screw lined up appropriately, place the bit securely in the wedge at the top of the screw. Pull the trigger, and slowly and gently apply pressure to the screw, pushing it into the wood. It is best to use your free hand to steady the object you are drilling into to ensure a clean entry.

Step 10: Using the Power Drill: Withdrawing the Power Drill

Once you have drilled in the screw to the desired depth, release the trigger. Then gently pull the power drill out of the hole. At this point, you can either continue to drill screws into other places, or turn on the safety. Congrats on using your new power drill!