Introduction: How to Attack WiFi by Pocket 8266

Here I use my product pocket 8266 successfully attacked a WiFi router.

Pocket 8266 integrated 18650 battery charging system and has a pocket size.

For this application you can play a joke with your friend, but do not attack anyone with a bad purpose.

Step 1: Attack Simulation

As what you see, I use a smart phone to simulate WiFi router and open a WiFi hostport at the same time.

Then connect another smartphone and my notebook to this hostport as client.

I use my IPhone as a controller. My IPhone connected with Pocket8266 by WiFi. When I give a command of "Attack", pocket 8266 started to attack the router, my notebook and another smartphone disconnected directly.

When I click "Stop", smartphone and Notebook connected the hostport again.

Step 2: Another Function

When I click "Beacon Spam" , a lot of same WiFi host generated.

When I click "Random Beacon Spam", a lot of strange"WiFi host" generated.

The names of these host could be edited.

It is fun , is it?

Step 3: How to Make It.

You can follow this project.

Remember the version of esp8266 environment should be 2.0.0.

I add another two lines code to control the indicate LED.

Please do not follow this to do any illegal things.