How to Automate FarmVille

Introduction: How to Automate FarmVille

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FarmVille is a fun way to socialize and interact with your friends over Facebook. If you've started playing FarmVille already then you are certainly aware of how tedious the farming process can be. Plow 100 plots of land, plant 100 plots of land, harvest 100 plots of land... it's all clicking! That's 300 individual clicks and that is surely going to make your index finger sore.

The solution? A FarmVille bot that clicks each plot of land for you. It works for both Mac and Windows
It is completely safe and will not get your farm banned. How is that possible? Because FarmBot aims to be simple yet effective. All it does is control your mouse cursor and click; it never actually interacts with FarmVille directly so Zynga is unable to detect it.

Step 1: Download FarmBot

First you need to download the software:

Step 2: Unzipping

On a Mac just double click and the application will appear. On Windows it should be the same deal but if problems occur you may need to download 7zip or something similar. (search Google for unzipping software).

Step 3: Open Up FarmBot

Once you open FarmBot you will notice two text boxes at the bottom of the window. These boxes represent the size/dimension of your farm. If your farm is 12x14 plots you will enter 12 in the X and 14 in the Y. Think of your farm as a grid.

Step 4: Tell FarmBot to Begin

Now all you need to do is click the "Go" button. Then go to your farm and move your mouse cursor to the furthest-left plot of land you are working with (as seen in the image in the FarmBot window). Now press the spacebar (or shift-spacebar if youre using a Mac) and the bot will begin. Do not move the mouse until it finishes.

Step 5: Okay Im Still Confused. Help?

This video may help you get a clearer idea of the previous instructions:

Just remember, this bot does nothing more than automatically move your mouse cursor and click! That's it. Therefore it's completely undetectable and safe to use!

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