Introduction: How to Automate Your IPhone Using Workflow

So recently I downloaded Workflow which is an app that allows the user to automate their smartphone (Only works with Apple products IOS 8 or later and is compatible with the Apple Watch). After messing around with it, I thought I would look on Instructables for something about it and was disappointed to find nothing, so I decided to give it a go! In this instructable I will show you how to make a "workflow" that will help find restaurants near your location, call them, and then give you directions to the restaurant. This was originally made for pizza, not by me, hence the calling. Feel free to edit to your liking once this has been made.

Step 1: Download Workflow

This is pretty simple, just go to the App Store and search for Workflow. Once download go ahead and open the app, and if this is your first time opening it will go through a guided tour of the basics. Once you've done that you're ready to go!

Step 2: Create a New Workflow

Next we will create a new workflow for our restaurants automation. There are two easy ways to do this 1)Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner and 2) click the big dashed rectangle that says "Create Workflow".

Step 3: Add Actions: Find and Call

This will be a little time consuming, but not too much. First we are going to want to search for restaurants near us with Google Maps. In order to do this we will slide to the right to the actions menu and slide right again to see the categories. Once there find the Maps category and open that. Now find the action that is called "Search Local Businesses" hold and drag that to the right. Now in the prompt titled Search type in "Restaurants" and chose a radius you would like to search in, unfortunately this is only in kilometers, I will be using 25 km, which is roughly 15 miles. Next we will add the "Choose from List" action from the scripting category, which compiles all the restaurants and puts them in a list so that the use may choose one. Then we will set the restaurant chosen as the variable place. To do this find the "Set Variable" action in the scripting category and label it place. Next we will add the "Call" action from the contacts category

Step 4: Add Actions: Directions

Now that we have the first part of the beginnings of our workflow it is a good idea to test it to make sure things are running smoothly. To do so simply hit the play button on the top of the screen. If everything works then we can move on. After the call action we will add the "Continue Workflow in App" action found in the scripting category. Then after that the "Wait to Return" action also under scripting. Once more under scripting we will find the "Get Variable" action. Place this at the end of our workflow. You will need to choose the variable that we created earlier, place. Then we need to add the "Show Directions" action found in the maps category. Test it out one more time and if it works correctly then you are now done! Now you can add it to your home screen for easy access or even your today widgets menu. Have fun everyone!