Introduction: How to Automate Your Room With Arduino? ENC28j60 Android & IOS Final Part

About: I'am an Electronics student that really enjoy making new things from garbage, and DIY projects. I am here to share my knowledge with you, and learn with you too.

Hey all of you! i've been working on automating my room, and i finally got it after a hard coding and many tries, and i'm glad to share with you my achievements.

This project consist on a system arduino controlled, that let you control whatever you want remotelly from any device that can get connected to internet, by typing an iP that has a Web app that i designed on the arduino code for my need.

Step 1: Demostration Video

Here you can see some tips, the process, and the demostration of the system working perfectly

Step 2: Materials You Need:

1-Arduino nano

2-ENC28j60 ethernet shield

3-4 Relays

4-2n2222 NPN Transistors

5- 1amp Diodes

6-1k ohm Resistors

7-1x Dual terminal block, 1x triple terminal block

8-PCB board

9-OVC3860 audio bluetooth module

10-2x 3.5mm audio jacks

11-Some wires for conecction

Step 3: Arduino Code and Electronic Schematic

Here is the circuit diagram and the file on Fritzing and the arduino code designed by me.

Step 4: Html App, (it's Coded in the Arduino Code)

This is the web app, typed on html. You can modified as much as you want.

Step 5: If You Want to Do It by a Remote Control (IR)

Here is a video to show you how to comunicate with the arduino.

Just add an IR receiver in the circuit on a free input pin of the arduino and use de library IRremote.

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