Introduction: How to Be a Pro Minecraft Player!

you need a ipad phone or computer and have a microsoft account and be a minecraft classic normal player or noob


a electronic with minecraft

Step 1: Step 1 Bed Wars

Bed wars is a game where first when you get into the game. You walk backwards and you will start getting iron and gold, which you can buy in the item shop.

You can also purchase blocks in the item shop, which help you build. If you are on PC, then you right click if you are on iPad or phone you hold. With the blocks you bought, you may either defend your bed or build to other islands. You may also go to other peoples islands and try to break their beds. If you break their bed they don't respawn. Fire charges also known as fire balls can be used to break the blocks around the bed but cannot break the beds themselves, but you break them!

You can go to diamonds islands to get upgrades. Emeralds are used to buy diamond armor and diamond swords and ender pearls. There are also cool things you can buy including pop up towers, ender pearls,bridge builders, iron golems to protect your base.

Step 2: Step 2 Defeating Bosses

The first boss is the wither he is black and is not a real player. He has three heads and shots little things like cannon balls that explode.It will take you forever to take down this boss with a sword because it is always in the sky! So you need a bow to kill the wither with alot of enchants.

Step 3: Step 3 PVP Noob to Pro

PVP is easy if you are a pro you just keep hiting the person. But my hack for PVP is bows especially the arrows you should use instant damage arrows 2 also known as harming arrows sometimes 2 shot kill max 4 to 5 and you need way to many armor enchants mostly every pro gets the classics like protection IV. and diamond or netherite sword and armor.