How to Be a Professional Photographer in 4 Step

Introduction: How to Be a Professional Photographer in 4 Step

How to be a Professional  photographer

Every one wants to be Professional photographer, you want also your pictures be beautiful look,  how to make the picture speaks for itself . 

.let's show you how to be like that 

Step 1: Gadgets

1- camera from your choice.
2- Lens .  
3- speed light . 
4- memory card . 

Step 2: Before Shooting

. Now you have Gadgets,  how you will take  picture, from where you will take, how to choose your Angle  when you shoot

1-(you should read more book of Photography like ( the digital photography
2-meet more of photographer and work  with them .
3- get more experience from watch the pictures and websit for pictures like ( Flickr,500PX).COM .

Step 3: Shooting Time

1- make sure for your Gadgets.
2- choose the location .
3-   choose what you want to shoot .
4- take your angle  and you should have many angle to compare  it after shooting .
5- be enthusiastic for  shoot .
6-Focus on the target.
7- shoot many picture not only one maybe best pic will be last one .

Step 4: After Shooting

after shooting 

- make sort for the best  shoots .
-choose what is the best .
- try to use some of these Programs , the lightroom , photoshop , instagram  for more editing to make the  best look.

for any help just ask me 

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    How does any of that make one a "professional" photographer?

    I see no source of income here.