How to Beat Super Mario Bros. NES World 1 in 3 Minutes

Introduction: How to Beat Super Mario Bros. NES World 1 in 3 Minutes

This is a tutorial on how to beat Super Mario Bros. NES World 1 within 3 minutes. If you need any help, say so in the comments. also watch the video, because that explains a lot.

Step 1: Secret Exit

This is my tutorial on how to beat Super Mario Bros. World 1 within 3 minutes. Let's start.

First, start like you normally would through the level. You can get a mushroom if you want, and if you do, it's the first ? block. On the last pipe, go underground. it will open up into a secret area full of coins.

Step 2: To the Flagpole

After you collect all the coins, you keep walking through the level. When you come out of the pipe, you will see 3 bricks and a ? block in between. You keep walking all the way to the flagpole, but also watch out for the 2 goombas (I've fallen for them a couple of times).

Step 3: Yet Another Pipe!

By now you've reached level 2. At the start, Mario is gonna go into a pipe. You can't control this, so you might as well just stop hitting the jump button ;) Once you're underground, you will see a ton of ? blocks, and 2 goombas. You can kill the goombas, and in the first ? block, there will be a fire flower. You can collect the fire flower, and go on through the level. At one point on the way across the blocks, you will wind an area with a brick and a goomba. The brick will have a bunch of coins inside. Once you collect those, you will find 2 koopas. Destroy them with some fire, and then you will see a bunch of bricks in a W shape. destroy the first side of the W, making it an N. Climb on top, and collect the coins, then destroy all the top bricks. Once you destroy the bricks keep running the whole way through.

Step 4: Warp Zone

After running the whole way through, jump off on the moving bars. You can kill the koopa if you want, and then climb on the bars at the other side. When you get on the bars, ride them all the way to the top, then climb on top of the bricks. Run over the pipe an into a pit that has the message "Welcome to the Warp Zone!" The numbers above each pipe is the number of the world you go to. I like to take world 2, because it's easier. There you go! You beat Super Mario Bros. world 1 within 3 minutes!

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