How to Become Beautiful in 7 Easy Steps

Introduction: How to Become Beautiful in 7 Easy Steps

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The world has some pretty high beauty standards nowadays, and it can seem impossible to reach them.

However, there are some quick easy ways that you can become beautiful- and all at a low cost!

Get ready to learn How To Become Beautiful in 7 Easy Steps!


All you need is yourself! (and a few other things, but we'll get to those later)

Step 1: Self Confidence

Get a piece of paper.

Got it? Good. Now grab a pretty pen or marker.

Draw 2 columns and number 1-10, like you are taking a test. Then title the page something like: Truths About Me.

In the first column, write down something that you feel is a flaw. Does your nose bother you? Do you think that you are too loud? Write it all down.

In the second column, counter those negative statements. If you hate your nose, say something that you like about it. If you think you're too loud, then say one reason why that is a great trait of yours.

Next Up: Go Bold

Step 2: Makeup

So, we seem to think that layering our skin with products will make us beautiful, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. No matter what your face looks like, it is gorgeous. Don't forget that.

So this challenge will probably be kind of hard.

Don't put any makeup on for at least a few days, even when you have to run errands. Look in the mirror and say "I love myself just the way I am." It isn't easy to clean up those awful trashy statements we make about ourselves, so don't expect this to work right away. It's hard work to decide to love yourself first.

Next Up: Expanding Your Horizions

Step 3: Compliment Yourself

You'll need another piece of paper for this one.

Title it "Compliments", and write some numbers. This will be an infinite list, so there isn't a specific number set you should use here.

Once you have the paper set up, pick another pretty pen or marker.

Each day when you wake up (or during breakfast, or at night) write down one compliment to yourself. You can say things like:

I love my laugh

My eyes are pretty

And things like that.

Next Up: Step Forward

Step 4: Go Beyond Yourself

Up till now we've been focusing on ourselves. While complimenting and loving ourselves is important, we can't let that be the focus of our lives because we can all too quickly become proud and egotistical.

Today, when you go out, compliment somebody you know. Let them know that they mean alot to you. Maybe even offer to do something for them.

Helping others can boost your own self-esteem.

Next Up: Let's Get Old-Fashioned

Step 5: Write Letters

Yes, it's old-fashioned. Maybe even out-dated. But we're still gonna do it.

Make a list of people along with their addresses. Get some blank greeting cards, or make your own. Handmade cards really send the love.

Inside each card, write to that person. Tell them you are glad to have them in your life. Ask them how they are doing. Find out if they need help, or someone who will listen to them.

Offering them an open heart and a listening ear can impact someone's life far more than you could ever know.

Next Up: Free Time

Step 6: Volunteering Your Time

What a great way to get involved with your community! If you feel ready, volunteer around your community. Help with kids, the library, the pet shelters, or anywhere else they need help. Looking beyond yourself will help give you a new perspective and a new appreciation for other people.

If you can't volunteer easily, maybe consider doing a fundraiser for one of those organizations. Learn how to recognize what others are doing while feeling satisfied with what you have done. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. You are you, and you are perfect already.

Next Up: Concluding Messages

Step 7: Keep Up the Hard Work

Take your self-confidence and your arsenal of compliments, and go out there prepared to tell the world that they do not define who you are, and that you are beautiful in your own perfect way.

Don't be afraid to be yourself. Stand out from the crowd. Smile the brightest, laugh the loudest, and love the deepest.

You'll not only reap the rewards of rich, healthy relationships, but you'll also see the fruits of your labor in those around you. if you respect yourself, they will respect you. The person you believe yourself to be is the kind of person you will attract, and ultimately, become. You can overcome the lies of the world to seek the beauty within you. And you don't have to take this challenge alone. Gather your friends and dare them to try this with you.

The difference it will make is immeasurable.

I don't know you, but I love you the way you are.

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    I did not, unfortunately/ They were bought from an amazing online source however! I hope to be doing drawing tutorials sometime soon!