Introduction: How to Become a Blogger

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Nowadays, the internet provides a wide variety of paid and free advanced blogging platforms so you can freely express yourself via writing. To begin your journey as a writer, check this guide to get yourself on the right track! It is actually easier than you think!

Step 1: Set Up a Blog

To become a blogger, one must own a blog. Choose your blogging platform first. Each platform will deliver different experience so do not be afraid to test few of them. When setting it up, try to chose a blogs name that is catchy and easy to remember. Don't expect a reader to remember anything that's too long and hard to type in. Pick your theme (each platform offers multiple free ones) and fonts. Test, test and one more time - test!

Pick a blog from one of those popular options:

  • tumblr - one of the easiest free blogging platform.
  • Blogger - one of the longest running blog networks.
  • Wordpress - most popular blogging platform in the world.
  • Medium - popular magazin-like blogging platform

Step 2: Pick a Topic

Once you have your blog and theme set up it's time to choose a topic. Always choose the one that you feel most comfortably about, this way your posts will look more natural and you will never run out of ideas for a topic of your post. It doesn't have to be anything big, as a beginner in blogging, try starting small, for example - if you are interested in sewing, write about your techniques and give advice to people who wish to learn how to sew. Your main topic can be "sewing techniques" and title of your blog might be "SewMyWorld" or anything else catchy and fun.

Step 3: Start Writing

Writing is, of course, the most important task for the blogger. Without good writing skills you will be unable to attract readers to return to your blog. Each blog post should be exciting and unique, so take some time when writing them. Relax, play some music or listen to the world outside. Stay focused and do your research. You do not need to produce massive amounts of content - try to balance quality and quantity. Each post you write will represent your blog and yourself, therefore each one should be amazing in it's own way. If necessary, check other blogs in your niche. Read their most popular articles and see which topics get the most shares and likes. Note the topics and make a list of hottest trends right now. Mix them up and see how it goes to get attention of readers.

Step 4: Create an "About Me" Page

Most readers, before or after reading your blog post, want to know who is the writer. Make sure your "about me" page is filled in with information about yourself, what you want to achieve with the blog and what are your goals. Your blog reveals your personal views on a certain topic, so it's good to introduce yourself to your readers so they can understand it more and associate themselves with your position. As a blogger, you should be open to socializing with others, after all you are trying to get as much reader's attention with your post as you can, aren't you?

Step 5: ​Be Inspired

Nowadays, being a blogger means more than just quality content writing. It means understanding your audience and learning what's best for your blog. True, you should always be creative in your own way, but perhaps there is something you can include in your writing to make your blog more popular and approachable? By checking other blogs and socializing with writers, you can learn a lot and this way, you can take your blog to the next level. The best way is to find out how the top blogs are doing it and follow them. You can look for most interesting blogs and learn from their approach for acquiring readers. Do not be afraid to reach out to them and ask for some tips - most of the bloggers are happy to help you out! Find the best blogs on each platform:

Step 6: Add Useful Plugins and Sidebars

While your visitor enjoyed the article he just read, why not show him few more that are related? Provide comfortable browsing through your blog every time a reader stops by. Add "Recent" sidebar. Put "You might be also interested in:" widget below article that will suggest related articles. Add easy and intuitive commenting solution like Disqus and use a toolbar for your website like TurnSocial.

Step 7: Keep It Active

Your blog should always have fresh content available for your readers. Some bloggers recommend to update your blog with a fresh article everyday, but don't get upset if you are unable to write that often. Highly specialist blogs should update around once a week due to limited topics to write about. As a newbie in blogging, your biggest priority is to fully focusing on writing and interacting with readers.

The best way to keep your blog active besides writing articles is to responding to comments. Try to reply to each of them - be polite and professional. Do not act aggressively on negative comments.

Use social channels to promote your content. Befriend some of the influential bloggers and try to get their attention. If they will read your blog, they might actually share it on their social profile.

Update your social profiles at least few times a week, always post to them your new posts.

Your blogs success depends on readers so do not be afraid to reach to them. Use Social Bookmarking sites to promote your posts.

Use some free marketing to get more attention - write in your post about few other blogs. Let the owners know about it - possibly they will share with their followers your link in exchange!

Good luck!