How to Bell Train a Dog




Introduction: How to Bell Train a Dog

These instructions are designed as a fast and inexpensive way to house train a dog, using a bell tied to ribbon. This gives the dog a way to notify you that it needs to go outside without barking or scratching at the door.

Step 1: Make Sure You Have Everything You Will Need

You will need treats, a bell on ribbon, a dog, and a leash and collar. Make sure you know where you are storing these.

Step 2: Determine Which Door You Will Use

If you have more than one outside door, you will need to determine which door you want your dog to use to go to the bathroom.

Step 3: Only Use the Door Selected Previously

Only use the door that you selected in step 2, to take your dog out. This will prevent confusion to your dog.3

Step 4: Hang Bell on the Doorknob of That Door

Hang bell attached to ribbon or string from the doorknob of the door you selected in step 2

Step 5: Get Treats and a Leash

When it is time to take your dog outside, get a leash and at least 2 treats.

Step 6: Take Your Dog to the Door

Take your dog to the door you have selected for training.

Step 7: Use the Dog’s Paw or Nose to Lightly Tap the Bell

Use the dog’s paw or nose to lightly tap the bell. This does not have to be a hard tap, but should be hard enough that the bell makes a noise.

Step 8: Immediately Put on the Leash and Open the Door to Take the Dog Outside

Attach the leash to your dog's collar as soon as they have dinged the bell and take your dog outside.

Step 9: Walk the Dog Around Outside Until It Goes to the Bathroom

Walk your dog around outside until it goes to the bathroom. This step make take a while, depending on how long it takes your dog to find a spot.

Step 10: Praise Your Dog As Soon As They Go to the Bathroom

Immediately give the dog a treat and praise the dog with phrases such as “Good girl/boy,” “Good dog,” and “Good job!”

Step 11: Bring Your Dog Back Inside and Give Another Treat

Bring your dog back inside and give another treat. This reinforces that what they just did was something good, and should be rewarded.

Step 12: Repeat Steps 5-11

Repeat steps 5-11 every 3-4 hours (or as needed), for about 6 days, or until your dog goes to the bell on their own.

Step 13: Congratulations! Your Dog Is Now Bell Trained!

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6 years ago

We did this with our Cat Cindy, but the bell was outside. If Cindy wanted to stay out all night we would pull the bell inside so she wouldn't wake us.

It was funny when Mother would excuse herself from the phone saying: "The Cat is ringing the door bell, I need to let her in,"

Thanks, Carl.


6 years ago

My friend has used this technique for his medium size dog for about 8-9 years. I think it's brilliant! We all respond to sounds (just think of your phone!)


6 years ago

Awww! Love your doggie! And your ible ;)


6 years ago

I have a dog that is named Bella she loves to play


6 years ago

This sounds like a great way to train your dog! Thanks for sharing!