Introduction: How to Best Clean Your Phone, Tablet or Other Electronic Device

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There are a few ways to clean your device.  Microfiber cleaning sticker, sanitizing spray and cyberclean are a few good methods that will not damage your phone.  The following instructable will explain how and the benefits of each method.

Microfiber screen cleaning stickers are great ways to clean your phone, tablet, navigation system, sunglasses, portable game or other device.  Microfiber is great because it is good about not scratching your screen or screen protector.  These do not provide a sanitizing effect like sprays or wipes but they can help trap the germs until washed.

Sanitizing sprays or wipes.  Great for sanitizing and are very thorough for cleaning.  They are however not convenient to carry around and to use on a moments notice. 

Cleaning putty for electronic devices.  These are great to get gunk from the cracks and crevices of electronics.  They are effective but not practical to carry around on a daily basis.

When we are referring to "device" or electronic, the following is a general list.

-Kindle (Kindle Fire)
-Touch Screens
-Navigation Systems (vehicles and hand helds)
-Portable Gaming Systems (GameBoy, PSP, Etc.)
-Camera Lenses
-And Other Electronic Devices

Step 1: Using a Microfiber Cleaning Sticker

Remove the sticker from the packaging and place on the back of your device.  When wanting to clean, place the sticker on your finger and proceed to clean the screen or device in a zig zag motion.  The microfiber captures the germs and other gunk- keeping it from spreading.  

Once done, replace the sticker on the back of the device.

Some benefits of microfiber stickers for cleaning:
• Sticks to your phone for easy access
• Cleans up dirt, makeup, oil, food and other items on your screen
• Antibacterial by capturing and trapping the bacteria
• Microfiber cleans all surfaces well without scratching
• Washable and reusable
• Personalize and accessorize your phone or case (adding design at a fraction of the cost of a new case)

Step 2: Using Spray Screen Cleaners and Wipes

There are many sanitizing sprays and microfiber cloths on the market, so it shouldn’t be hard to track down supplies.  The main benefit is that you are physically sanitizing and wiping the germs and other gunk from your device.  This in contrast to just wiping away without the sanitizing addition.

First, remove the case or other covering.  Simply spray the sanitizing solution (light enough to not douse important components) and rub in and out of the edges.  Before the solution is dry, wipe away with the microfiber.  There are also wipes that are effective at getting the gunk off without scratching your screen or screen protector.

Step 3: Using Cleaning Putty to Clean Your Device

Cleaning Putty (Cyberclean is one on the market) or other putties are great for getting germs and bacteria from the edges, cracks and other small areas on electronic devices. 

First, remove any visible dirt, oil or other gunk from the device.  Ball up the putty and press firmly into the area you desire to clean.  You may have to slightly move the putty back and forth to dislodge hard to reach gunk. 

Clean off the putty before balling up again.  Repeat the pressing and cleaning.  It is best to follow up this crevice cleaning with a sanitizing spray or wipe.