Introduction: How to Blow Up and Tie a Balloon

From my childhood, I remember that I always liked balloons.
But when I was young no one told me how to blow up a balloon.

In this Instructable, I will show you how to blow up a balloon and tie it!

All you need is a couple of balloons (more than one).

So let's get started!


At least 2 Balloons, air in your lungs, and a smile!

Step 1: Choose a Balloon

The most important decision of this instructable!
Choose a balloon that fits you.
It can be your favorite color, your mood, or even to match your shirt.
don't skip this step!

Step 2: Stretch It! Stretch It Real Good!

Make sure to stretch the balloon.
It will help when you want to fill the air in the balloon to make it bigger.

Step 3: Blow Air Into the Balloon

Open up your mouth and put the balloon just after your lips before the teeth.

And the big part, start blowing!

Step 4: Make It Large at Possible

Keep blowing air inside, try to take small breaths of air through your nose to breathe.

You can press hold the balloon tail with your fingers to take breaks!

Step 5: Cry It Out

Well, you got to the saddest part.

We blow too much air and it got exploded.

Just let it out, it's okay to take a few minutes to yourself.

Step 6: Choose a Different Balloon and Repeat the Process

I know it's hard to do this again.
But this time we are going to do this better.

Choose a different balloon from the arsenal and try to blow it again.

But this time let's try not to make it big as possible but reach a point we are okay with this size.

Step 7: Now Let's Tie It Up

First, hold you with your fingers the tail of the balloon.

Stretch it a bit and loop it around your fingers.

Take the button and push it under and between your fingers.

the lastly remove your fingers from the loop

Step 8: Enjoy Your New Tied and Blown Balloon!

Enjoy the hard work you've done!

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