Introduction: How to Brew Turkish Coffee

If the weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful, and if there is simply no place to go, brew some coffee!

Lets learn how to brew some Turkish style coffee!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

To make Turkish style coffee, you will need the following:
  • A Turkish Ibrik/Cezve- $18.00- You can find them all over the web. The ibrik is the main tool you will need to brew Turkish coffee. It is also called a cezve.
  • A hot stove
  • Ground Turkish coffee. I used normal coffee beans, but what makes it Turkish is the way it is ground. Go to the supermarket, and the machine should have a setting where you can grind it "Turkish." It was the finest setting at my supermarket. Turkish ground coffee should be very fine.

Of course, real Turkish coffee would be super, but we are in a recession.

Step 2: Prepping

If you want your coffee to be sweeter, then first add a little bit of sugar to ibrik. Next, take your ibrik and fill it to the start of the neck with water. Sometimes, there is something indicating where the the water line should be, but on mine I just had to guess. By not filling the ibrik up to the top, you give room for the foam to rise, which I will describe later.

Once you have your water in the ibrik, add the coffee grounds to the ibrik. Now, for the amount of grounds you add. I added two heaping teaspoons. There is really no definite amount, because some people like it strong, others not so strong. I like mine strong, so I used two heaping teaspoons.

When you add the grounds to the ibrik, make sure you just drop them right on the top. Do not stir, just keep the grinds laying on the top. The grinds form a seal between the air and the water, so it takes longer to boil, and results in the grinds foaming at the top.

Step 3: First Boil

Notice how I said first boil. There are going to be multiple boils. Place it on a low heat. The slower, the better.

After a couple minutes, pay very close attention to the ibrik. The grounds will start to boil and foam up. Once they begin to foam and fill up the neck, remove the ibrik from the heat source. Now, let the foam settle.

Step 4: Second, Third, Fourth Boil

Once the froth has settled from the first boil, place the ibrik back onto the heat source. Let the grounds foam up again, and remove it from the heat source just like you did with the first boil.

The third and fourth boils are completely optional. They may add a little more flavor to the coffee, and a little more heat.

Once you have completed all of your boils, there will be a little foam on the top of your ibrik, but most of the grounds have floated to the bottom where they will usually stay.

Step 5: Serve!

Time to serve! As you can see on your ibrik, the bottom is curved out. This keeps the grounds from coming out when you pour your coffee.

I add cream to my coffee, maybe a little sugar if you didn't before you started. Take the foam, and place it on top of your drink. It is very tasty as well!