Introduction: How to Build a Paper Airplane

Goal/Aim -To build a Paper Airplane that flies a Long Distance without crashing.

Materials -

- Open Area
- 1 Paper

Step 1:

Start off with a brand new, flat piece of paper. Then, Fold the paper in Half by length. Open the paper back out. Now you should have a crease in the middle of the paper.

Step 2:

 Next, Fold the top left corner to the half crease. Then do the same to the right side as well. Make sure to have a crisp and sharp point.

Step 3:

 After, Fold down both the left and the right corners down carefully to the middle bottom, Again both must meet the half crease. The top of the triangle should be facing downwards. Continue to make sure your Paper Airplane has a sharp point.

Step 4:

Then, fold the left and right top corners meeting the half crease again. Be sure that the two corners do not overlap each other at any time. By now you should have both top corners folded into the middle crease and should look like a triangle. Now that you can see an Triangular shape, Find the middle of the triangle in Length.

Step 5:

After you do, Carefully fold the left side of the paper from in the middle of your triangle onto the right side.

Step 6:

 Slowly fold one of the sides onto the only closed side of your paper, Making sure that the side you are folding does not past the closed side. Gently slide your dominate hand across the paper to make it fairly flat. 

                                                     Repeat to the opposite side of your paper.

Step 7:

Achieved Goal Results -

You will notice that there is a pair of Symmetrical wings on each side and below the wings you can use your Dominate hand to throw the Paper Airplane at your choice of speed and power. As your Plane flies around your open area with a fairly long distance! Corrections May be necessary if your overall result does not look symmetrical,


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